My small Beacon PI7BXM on 10 Meters.

First things first, a big big thanks to my dear friend Friedhelm, DM8MM
He always helps and supports me with these kind of projects with advice and hardware. Thank you very much!

The approval of the IARU region 1 has arrived at November 28. The approval of the Telecom Agency arrived December 11, 2019, so since this date I have my permit for PI7BXM. The new QRG is 28.254, mode A1A, cw.

The Transmitter is a CRT 6900N, a beautiful French monoband radio. The output will be between 1.5 and 5 watt pep. So a small beacon where I mainly focus on tropo and sporadic E. To control this, there is a CWkTiny print with a processor. This is programmed in such a way that the call and the locator are repeated each time. This in c.w. with 12 wpm. The message is vvv pd1ahm jo21wf The antenna is a half-wave vertical 0dBd/2.15dBi, mounted on approximately 3,5 meters above the ground.

E-Mail reports and QSL's are greatly appreciated and I will reply in the same manner promptly. Please send signal reports to: (my PD-callsign) QSL cards cane be send by the QSL-Bureau or direct. Send me an E-mail for adress information. Thank You in advance!

A small peek into the Beacon:
PI7BXM 10 meter beacon