Welcome on my Radio Website!

It started all in 1979/1980 with a small cb transceiver that my father once had in his truck. At that time there was no internet, cellphone, only an old gray (from our former local provider PTT) telephone. But making your own radio was something special at the time. Connecting with others, fantastic! But it didn't stop with that one cb transceiver. After a long time at the CB, I went on an exam in November 1997 for radio amateur. Since then I have been active on one of the assigned amateur bands with a pep power of 25 watts. Especially on 2 meters and the 70 centimeter band I'm often qrv in the ssb part. I try to make as many qsos as possible there. I am also working on mastering morse. So the challenges are certainly not over yet.

I still own the old cb radios from my dear father, not to use but as a nice reminder of how things once started.

73 Hans-Jürgen, PD1AHM.